Vanish roller coaster, Cosmo Land, Japan

Vanish roller coaster at Cosmo Land in Japan unexpectedly dives into an underwater tunnel

First opened to the public in 1999, Vanish — located in Yokohama, Japan — isn’t your average roller coaster, as it dives into an underwater tunnel at one point during the ride. The track measures 2,440-feet in length and each ride lasts for approximately 1-minute 58-seconds.

Roller Coasters are the miracles of science and technology. The top 10 fastest and fiercest roller coasters of the world are:

#1. Kingda Ka
Theme Park: Six Flags Great Adventure
Location: Jackson, New Jersey

#2. Steel Dragon 2000
Theme Park: Nagashima Spa Land
Location: Mie, Japan

#3. Top Thrill Dragster
Theme Park: Cedar Point
Location: Sandusky, Ohio

#4. Millennium Force
Theme Park: Cedar Point
Location: Sandusky, Ohio

#5. Intimidator 305
Theme Park: Kings Dominion
Location: Doswell, Virginia

#6.Superman:Escape From Krypton
Theme Park: Six Flags Magic Mountain
Location: Valencia, California

#7. Tower of Terror II
Theme Park: Dreamworld
Location: Gold Coast, Australia

#8. Behemoth
Theme Park: Canada’s Wonderland
Location: Ontario, Canada

#9. Fujiyama
Theme Park: Fuji–Q Highland
Location: Yamanashi, Japan

#10. Titan
Theme Park: Six Flags Over Texas
Location: Arlington, Texas

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