Cherry Blossom Lake, Sakura, Japan

Cherry Blossom Lake is in Japan which attracts visitors with its overwhelming beauty of nature.

In this lake, different type of cherry trees  are found which are grown in Sakura Parks. In the spring it is most exciting to see the park. That is the time when it start blooming but it won’t remain fore many days.

This lake is also known as a national tree of Japan in the world. Even though its not official plant of the country, it plays a major role in Japanese history and its culture. Since, it does not last long Japanese celebrate it with throwing a hanami party under the blooming Sakura Park. 

Sakura is  also known as symbol of ephemeral beauty and life. The Cherry Blossom is very often depicted in Japanese art, anime, manga, and film, as well as kimono, dishware , stationery and even tattoos.

Because of the lights that are posited under the trees this lake is unique. Park brightens with heavenly cherry blossoms and their reflections on the water surface after sunset. Meditation can be done on this sacred tranquility and beauty.

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